Every locksmith started somewhere, try locksport yourself

Normally you would have to be an relative of a master locksmith to be able to join the trade and start an apprenticeship

But why not start a new hobby with a locksport forum, this hobby is open to all regardeless of your ability, UKLocksport is the friendlist community around.

Learn to pick locks from the safety of your home, learn the hidden skills needed to defeat even the highest of security lock, take locks apart and learn how they work and become a locksport master.

Be amazed by the skills you could learn for free, learn what key pins are, driver pins and of cause different types of security pins, like spool pin and mushroom pins as well as tapered pin, pin in pin, serrated pins, the list goes on and on.

Once you have learned the skills needed to open lock you too could become a locksmith like me Steve at SK Locksmiths.