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All of my keys are cut to order and polished so to work smoothly and efficiently,

My keys are aimed for locksmiths but maintenance engineers/ property maintenance people will benefit from learn this skill.

My keys are produced in low, medium and high versions,

Low, Medium or High keys ?

Which key depth to buy?

I do cut a wide range of bump keys in three different depths, 

LowMedium and High.

The Low key is designed for locks with long key pins and is numbered as a 1 cut.

The Medium key is the most common and is designed for a mixture of pins and is numbered a 2 cut.

The High key is designed for locks with short key pins and is numbered as a 3 cut.

Number 1 key

A low cut key will bump locks with medium/ long pins but not as reliable on short pins as the key can not always bump the pins high enough depending on the lock springs.

Number 2 key:

A medium cut key will bump locks with short, medium and long pins, but may not bump locks with longer pins as the lowest cut on the key may be higher than lowest depth needed. (Standard cut key).

Number 3 key:

A high cut key will bump locks with short and medium pins and is used when a medium cut can not bump the pins high enough.

Our keys will be stamped for easy identification, 1, 2 or 3.

If no number is present this indicates a standard number 2 cut. 

A basic guide:

Insert the correct profile number 1 cut and bump three time clockwise listening for clicks on releasing the key, then three time anti-clockwise and listen, this will give you an idea of which direction binds the most pins.

If the key can be removed with ease or you only hear 1 or 2 clicks then insert a number 2 key, repeat as above listening for resets, if you still only hear a few sets move on to the number 3 key.

Insert the 3 key and listen for resets, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

After some practice you will get the feel for which key is suited for the lock in question, the better the quality of lock the higher success rate you will get.

learnt to use the keys via locksport and then use for work, save a fortune and open locks yourself.